The town of Hranice is situated in North Moravia, in the Přerov district, east of the city of Olomouc. Today it has an area of about 52.5 km² and approximately 20,000 inhabitants. This area is called Bečavská brána (The Gate of the Bečva River) because the Bečva River breaks through the valley to the Moravian Gate. The northern part of the Moravian Gate is lined with the Nízký Jeseník and Oderské Vrchy mountains. The city is situated on a contact line between two European geographic-geological units: The Bohemian Massif and the Carpathian Mountains. Next, the lowest watershed in Europe between the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea (320 m above sea level) is located in this region. Archeological finds dating back to the Old Stone Age prove that the area of the city was already settled at that time. The historical centre of Hranice has been declared an urban conservation area. A nature trail named Hůrka has been established for nature lovers. This four-kilometre-long track will guide the visitor through the area of the Karst of Hranice and the Hůrka national natural reservation area, which was established in 1952; it provides six educational stops.

Náměstí v Hranicích

Hranická plovárna

The Hranice Abyss

It is the deepest abyss in the Czech Republic. Nowadays its depth is officially confirmed to a depth of 274.5 m; however, the final depth is still subject to scientists‘ assumptions. The abyss was formed by thermal springs heavily saturated with carbon dioxide. This place is situated and accessible on the nature trail in the Hůrka national reservation near Hranice.

propast Hůrka

Helfštýn Castle

One of the largest castle areas in Central Europe, allegedly with the longest castle walls in the Czech Republic. Nowadays it is the venue for a lot of cultural and social events. The most popular is the Hefaiston, which is an international meeting of artistic blacksmiths. Helfštýn Castle is located on an afforested hill, about 4 kilometres southeast of the town of Lipník nad Bečvou.

Hrad Helfštýn

Svatý Hostýn

Svatý Hostýn (Holy Hostýn) is the highest Marian pilgrimage place in Moravia and can be seen from a long distance thanks to the flat and fertile landscape of the Hana region. For three centuries it has been the goal for pilgrims from the surroundings and distant regions, who find and take refuge from their sorrows and deprivations there. Svatý Hostýn is one of the most important Marian pilgrimage places in Moravia. In addition to the Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, visitors can find other interesting memorials, such as the Way of the Cross painted by Jurkovič, an older classicist Way of the Cross, a Chapel of Sarkander, a Water Chapel and a museum showing the history of Holy Hostýn.

Poutní místo Svatý Hostýn

The Wallachian Open-air Museum

The Wallachian Open-air Museum in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm was founded by the brothers and sisters Jaroněk in 1925. It is the oldest museum of this kind in Central Europe. Today the most remarkable activity in the museum is a considerable effort to restore the almost forgotten traditional handcraft technology, popular arts and rituals. Furthermore, the former way of social life, business and entertainment of our ancestors have been renewed as well. Handcraft and artisanry represent another part of the museum‘‘s activities. The craftspeople not only sell their products but show their skills to the numerous visitors to the museum. So, the museum in Rožnov follows in the footsteps of its founder, Bohumír Jaroněk, who wanted the museum to be a museum of life.

Valašské muzeum v přírodě v Rožnově pod Radhoštěm

Zbrašov Aragonite Caves

The Zbrašov Aragonite Caves are situated in the picturesque valley of the Bečva River in the Teplice nad Bečvou spa. This is a unique cave system of European significance created by the simultaneous activities of atmospheric and hot mineral waters, springing from great limestone depths. The mineral aragonite creates a unique decoration, together with flowstone-type stalagmites and round calc-sinters resembling doughnuts. The lowest parts of the caves are filled with carbon dioxide. These caves are the warmest in the Czech Republic, and their temperature of 14 °C is constant throughout the year. Their discovery dates back to 1912 and since 1926 they have been open to the public.

Zbrašovské aragonitové jeskyně

Svatý Kopeček

The pilgimage destination Svatý Kopeček (The Holy Little Hill) is located on the edge of the Hrubý Jeseník mountains at an altitude of 382 metres above sea level. This part of Olomouc is about 8 kilometres away from its centre and it has become the most popular excursion and pilgrimage destination in the region. Its location and the diversity of its landscape, with beautiful forests and the valleys of streams and rivers, offer an ideal opportunity for doing sports and relaxing. The region is equipped with a lot of paths both for pedestrians and cyclists. This destination is dominated by the Baroque church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary. This jewel of architecture overlooks the landscape around Olomouc in impressive style. Since 1956 there has been a zoo in the surrounding mixed forests, on an area of more than 40 hectares.

Bazilika na Svatém Kopečku u Olomouce

Bečva Cycle Path

The Bečva cycle path is 141 kilometres long and starts in Rožnov or in Vsetín, then it goes through Valašské Meziříčí, Hranice and Přerov to Tovačov and to the confluence of the Bečva and Morava Rivers. The path runs along the Bečva River and offers many places of interest, breathtaking natural scenery, popular traditions and local culinary specialities from the Valašsko, Moravská brána and Haná regions. The path is suitable for cycling, in-line skating, families with children, seniors and wheelchair users. In winter it can be used for cross-country skiing. It is safe, and crosses roads used by traffic only occasionally.

cyklostezka Bečva

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